Day 1


Completed: 3 progressive tempo miles | 2, 1 minute planks | 50 sit ups, 50 reverse crunches, 50 overhead presses, 50 curls, 20 weighted squats

Day 1 of no days off = complete.

I’ve always been a list-maker: to-do lists. Grocery lists. Wish lists. List of random questions. List of books I’d like to read. If it’s important, I write it in a list.

So it’s fitting that this calendar is what is going to be my tool this year to keep me honest. There’s something so satisfying about crossing a day off a “list” of this sort. A big, giant red X saying “I DID that, what have you got next?”

Tomorrow I head back to work and while I am excited to get back to important tasks there, I know it also means I go back to squeezing in my runs in the morning instead of having coffee and breakfast and lounging around the house until I felt mentally ready to run.

Tomorrow means getting up at 4 am and slogging my body through some miles before my brain is even fully awake, and drinking my coffee in the car on the drive to work.

Normally, I wouldn’t look forward to that. But today? Today I’m looking forward to the promise of the next day I X off that calendar.

I’ve perfected “rest” in the last year, so now it’s time to just do the work again.

No Days Off.

What’s on your list?



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