No Days Off.


Been a hot second since last I wrote to you — to myself really. But 2016 was the year I got my head wrapped around things.

I found a new job which is so much more than a job. It’s a professional home — a place where I feel like I actually contribute to something that matters (helping others). I work with a great team and we truly care. It’s a long way from writing about fires and murders, but it fits me and I feel like I fit it.

So for a long while I gave up this little hunk of space called my blog. I’ve been rejected consistently by book publishers (newsflash, I am still being rejected but I’ve never been one to give up easy). I wasn’t running consistently because I had too many things I had to figure out a new way to juggle — new home, new (second) dog, new schedule for littleman, new wacky work hours for Alan… It was so much.

So I stayed quiet, didn’t run as much as I wanted, and got fat.

And then today I read a post on my memory timeline that I wrote in 2013, and I missed that beast of an athlete and the woman who wrote every day.

I’m not totally ready for this new year, but I’m excited to dig in and figure it out again — figure out how to get back to that woman who wakes at 4 am to run every day and still manages to spend time with her family and dogs and who lands that key media placement for her job.

The woman who fights like hell and is dog tired and who still pushes.

I’ve got a brand new calendar with every day in 2017 laid out in front of me. No days off. From running. From writing. From pushing. From living.

Happy New Year indeed.



4 thoughts on “No Days Off.

  1. I got excited as soon as I saw this in my inbox… keep running and writing… you will always have this reader…. and yes, make time to find your inner beast again


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