Those trampoline places are crazy, aren’t they?

Huge trampolines that fill up a whole room make up the “floor” on which you are to bounce. Jump. Leap. Twist. Tumble. Fall down in laughter. Get back up again and start over.

Children take to the jumping so easily.

Most parents stood on the sidelines to watch, yelling “careful, so-and-so, don’t jump on THAT part, stay in the middle.” I’d say for every 20 parents watching, maybe 2 were jumping with their children.

Why do we, as adults, take ourselves so seriously? Try jumping on those trampolines some time. If you can do it without giggling — jump higher and fall down.

I was out there, jumping across my from littleman.

“SHOW THEM,” I kept thinking. Get out here and SHOW them.

Show your children what you mean.

Show them how to jump higher. Show them it is OK to fall down as long as they know they will fall. Because they will.

Show them they can’t stop jumping simply because they fall.

Show them to get back up and jump higher. And, that each time they fall, they will get their legs under them just a bit better than the last time.

Show them.


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