Don’t ask me on a group run and leave me in the dust.

Don’t claim “all paces welcome” if you know the group runs at a pace just slightly slower than a cheetah.

Don’t say you want to spend time with me if you don’t truly mean you want to share each stride.

Don’t proclaim we will get to the finish together if what you really mean is that you will cheer for me after you’ve already finished.

I can do this on my own.

I don’t need you. I choose to share my time and energy with you.

And so it hurts me when you race ahead when we made plans to run together.

You will get your run in. Your pace won’t suffer simply because we share some miles. And if you are worried about that, maybe you shouldn’t make a run date with me. You should know I’m the kind of gal who runs because she loves running.

I’m not the kind of gal who runs because she wants to see how fast she can go every time. Sure, there are times for that, but what I love about this sport is the nature of simply going out there and doing it.

I can do this alone.

But if I ask you to run with me, it is because I enjoy your company. And once in a while, not running alone is nice.


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