Apples to other apples

Thanks to my days as a beat reporter in Maine covering the Windsor Fair, I know there are about 7,000 varieties of apples in the world.

In your daily life, you probably eat or use about three.

Up until the first time I covered the Windsor Fair, I had never had more than three types myself.

But one day, as I was waiting for the fying pan toss to start (yes, I really wrote that story), I wandered into one of the barns where they had apple tasting. There were nearly 30 varieties of apples I had never tried.

I started tasting all the different types, and an older gentleman asked me which I liked best.

I told him I couldn’t decide.

Each apple had it’s own distinct flavor, texture, and style. They were all awesome in their own way.

Humans are like those apples.

So why do we compare one apple — one human to another?

Why do we, as humans, feed into this trap and try constantly to compare ourselves? I’m a Courtland, but maybe you’re a Macintosh. Does that make me any less of an apple?

I do this, too. I try very hard not to, and when I do I think about that giant table filled with apples and how I could not possibly compare any of them to each other because they were all so different.

Stop. Stop comparing yourself to whatever you think you know about people or how you are supposed to be, or act or what you think you are supposed to say.

Be your own variety.


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