Tri again

Last year, a friend and I set out to do our first triathlon.

We were excited, pumped, and nervous as hell.

#JustDontDie became the hashtag that ended every tweet or conversation during which the tri came up for discussion.

We’ve been through a lot since then. We’ve run countless races together, we’ve tackled hills that made us question our sanity (newsflash, we’re not stable people according to these hills), we’ve had serious life discussions in between soul-sucking meetings where the only thing that was getting us through the day was the fact that we were suffering collectively — together.

This year, we’re tackling the tri once more. Same course, just a year wiser (and hopefully a year faster).

Last year, I was most excited about seeing what kind of time I could put up; this year, being away from the friends I’m used to racing with and grabbing coffee with, I’m most excited at just going through the race together.

My bike is packed. My gear is packed. Heck, even the GU is packed.

Now all that’s left to do is race. Together.

I cannot wait.


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