Finding a focus

Today was my second day on the new job.

Second? Really? I feel like I’ve been there longer than a day already — in  good way. I’m starting to feel like I’m conquering some things — important things — things such as knowing which coffee is best and how to get back from the bathroom without walking in a circle.

I’m settling in, and to say people have been welcoming and gracious and downright awesome would be an understatement.

So, while I have a LOT to tackle for work, I feel like there’s a great team here, and we will get it all done.

Which means I need to settle in to the work-life balance thing now.

I haven’t been on a lunch run yet because I’ve been in meetings (mental note: GO TOMORROW COME HECK OR HIGH WATER).

But I have managed to still run — just not at work yet.

Today on my run I thought about what the next training goal will be, and I realized I don’t really have one.

Sure, I have a half marathon coming up this Sunday (for which I have not really properly trained due to that whole moving thing and job change thing).

And sure, I have a triathlon in August (but triathlons are more for fun and less about time for me).

So, I need a race to focus on. I am still figuring out my run schedule here and how to juggle it with the littleman, but I figure if I have a race in mind and a training schedule that imposes some sort of structure upon me, I’ll be better for it.

With all of that– who wants to suggest a spring race? I’m thinking another half. I want to focus on getting my half time down this year.



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