Just keep pedaling

Right before I ran the marathon a good friend sent me something from an author.

It’s called the Cyclists prayer.

I looked at the saying this paragraph — series of paragraphs– many times but now with all these changes seems to ring true even more.

If you don’t know me very well, you’ll learn rather quickly that the thing I am very best at is continual forward motion. I am not always fast, I may not take the most direct path to get someplace, but I will get there.

That’s the thing about pedaling: If you stop eventually you will fall over if you don’t keep moving forward.

I’ve given myself a few days off, just unpacking and settling in.

I found the grocery store today. And coffee. And the proper place to hang the cyclists prayer.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow we run. Because no matter where I am, running is a familiar forward motion that is broken in and comfortable.



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